Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sesshoumaru: While everyone is at school, I think I will just have a little adventure around town. I'll be back before anyone knows I'm missing. Let's go! Posted by Picasa

I like this car, it's a chick magnet. I will drive the speed limit, not. Posted by Picasa

I'll just go out and have a little fun today. Bye! Posted by Picasa

Before I go anywhere, I'll have to buy some gas. Posted by Picasa

My friend, Teegan, is in this school somewhere. Posted by Picasa

I have time to take in a movie at the Rave. Posted by Picasa

I'm looking for Inu Yasha, my brother. Posted by Picasa

Wheee, this is fun! Posted by Picasa

Having a little snack, my favorite. Posted by Picasa

Sesshoumaru's adventure

To Quinton: Hope you enjoyed this adventure!
From your Aunt Michele